Make tonight a movie night!

First run drive-in in Shelbyville, IN hosts 35mm retro events.

My favorite pizza buffet in Greenfield, IN has a basketball theme.

My favorite menu item is their famed Dep Charge.

About Us

My name is Paul. I found Adventureland Video from 3 encounters that changed my life. My childhood infatuation with this video disc store. Seeing an abandoned Adventureland Video storefront as a teen. Then using my first credit card to buy the inventory of an old video store.

After a few months of visiting video stores and buying more movies, I opened a store in the front half of a building. We quickly outgrew our space. The only solution was to buy the entire building. So I did and my lofty goals proved to be too much too fast. Costing me my dream and valued friends I made along the way. 

In reality, I was young and stupid with a bigger is better mentality. The store was great and should have been enough. But I had to have a small theater, a snack bar, and a video arcade. Before I knew it, I had buried myself in $30K of credit card debt and was left with the shell of a building.   


Homecourt of Hickory Huskers in Hoosiers.

Hoosier Gym visitors should plan to dine with Kevin. Everything is homemade.

An eclectic collection from Mark Sean Orr that defies description.

I highly recommend the giant hand tossed pizza.